Walworth & Sons Pest Control Services: Solving your pest problems

Walworth & Sons Pest Control Services is a pest control company specializing in commercial and residential Pest Control.  Our Co. was founded in Upland in 2007. Even from it's inception and small beginings, we have taken pride in meeting and exceeding the needs of our clients. We work in close cooperation with home and business owners to ensure their needs are taken into account. We also provide advice on Integrated Pest Management, giving solutions that can minimize pest infestations and provide control with minimal amounts of pesticides.  Our goal is for you to save money and address your pest control needs.

What We Do

Based out of Upland CA, our areas of service include:
  • Upland CA
  • San Bernardino County
  • Los Angeles County
  • Riverside County

Walworth & Sons Pest Control Services will assist you, in identifying your particular pest problem. Most concerns of home owners and questions about cost can be answered by phone or e-mail. Go to 'Contact Us' on this page.


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Meet Our People

Walworth & Sons Pest Control Services is a family owned and operated company. Our team is highly qualified and experienced, ready to solve your home or business concerns.

Service Vehicle

The beginning of an era

In loving memory
Martha Louise Walworth

Born: February 21, 1924-

Departure: November 11, 1996


In loving memory

The man who started it all

E. Harvey Walworth

Born: November 18, 1922

Departure: April 7, 2015

The rest of the Family, today.

Walworth, Walworth // Villanueva (Families)

Princess (Driver extraordinaire)

Computer IT/Personal Assistant

IT Helpdesk: Tim

Education, Westwood College: Bachelors in Computer Science

Our Past Projects

We're proud of our achievements. Our projects page lets you explore our business achievements. It showcases a sampling of satisfied customer testimonials and explains our comitment to our customers. It demonstrates our capabilities to you as a business or resident in our areas of service.